Illumination as an indispensable
part of design and aesthetics

Phare Lighting Illumination

Since its establishment in 1998, Phare Lighting Illumination has followed new trends in home d├ęcor, bringing the latest designs, high quality service and attractive pricing to its clients. Phare has under its roof countless carefully selected designs imported from all over the world. From bronze fixtures to Bohemian crystal chandeliers, classic styles to modern designs, Phare boasts a wide range of products. In addition to retail, Phare trades wholesale to decoration firms in various cities. Phare also gives illumination consultancy services to building projects.

Phare regards illumination as a must, an indispensable part of design and aesthetics.Phare selects and/or designs illumination fixtures that emphasize and integrate the concept of space while choosing designs for architectural projects of hotels, restaurants, cafes, leisure centers, houses, business centers and offices that determine the urban panorama, aiming for awareness in spaces.

Since 2005, Phare also designs and manufactures lighting fixtures in its own workshop, Pharestudio.

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